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Have you ever realized the importance of private label products for the growth of your company? Everyone, at some point in their life, desires to feel relevant to the world around them, whether it’s through celebrity or as a contributor to society.

If you own or manage a distributorship in the Janitorial and Sanitation, Detail, or Car Wash industries, Warsaw Chemical can help. Although we can’t guarantee fame and fortune, we can lend a hand in getting your name out there by working with you to label your products.

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What are the differences between white labels and private labels?

You may have heard the term private and white label. But do you know what is a private label product? What is the basic difference between white label vs private label? The truth of the matter is, in our industry, there is little to no difference, and the terms are used interchangeably.

At Warsaw Chemical, we’ve always referred to our program as private tagging, which is the practice of labeling and packaging a manufacturer’s product with a customer’s brand label. So don’t get hung up on how to choose between both labels.

In the long run, it really doesn’t matter what you call it, but you may confuse some in the Car Wash and JanSan industries by using the term white label.

Why Is Private Labeling Important?

Experiencing your own company name on a product label can offer a certain sense of success; however, the greatest long-term benefit of privatized labeling is that it extends a brand for customers to recognize. And with recognition comes familiarity, and brand familiarity promotes confidence in a company and its products. A company that holds the trust of its customers generates a loyal base of buyers, resulting in continued sales and growth.

Whereas recognition is important overall, it isn’t the only value of this labeling. Higher profit margins are achieved with lower costs versus that of brand-name products. Exclusivity is a big reason for personalized labeling. You determine where and when your product is sold.

If you require changes or updates to labels or product formulas, individual labeling offers a quick solution over trying to get another brand to make the change. And another boost is the latest trend is to buy locally. Customers love purchasing local brands over national brands.

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What are the benefits of labeling with Warsaw Chemical?

Labeling privately with Warsaw Chemical has never been easier and assures that YOUR company name is in front of YOUR customer. As an individual labeler of Warsaw Chemical products, you will have access to brands you can trust. We have 80+ years of experience behind every product we make.

Thanks to our decades of production expertise, each Warsaw Chemical product is formulated, mixed, and packaged to the highest quality standards. And every customer order is shipped from our United States-based manufacturing and distribution center located in the heart of the Midwest.

Our centralized location allows us to ship to most regions from coast to coast, quickly and cost-effectively, in days rather than weeks. Small minimum order and lead time requirements aid in ensuring your order arrives when you need it.

The low minimum quantities and unbeatable value of our customized label program are a great way to promote your name, build your unique brand, differentiate yourself from the competition with minimal investment, and drive more sales.

As one of the most popular private label manufacturers, we can assure you to create your own label product using the same care and attention to detail that we use on our own products. Every batch is tested and inspected according to quality standards and a sample is retained for one year.

Our own Warsaw Chemical brand carries a full quality guarantee and any white label product not meeting specifications within one year, may be returned for credit.

Warsaw Chemical’s in-house laboratory and our skilled chemists and marketing team can work with you to develop, formulate, and market your own line of unique, proprietary products. We also provide privatized labeling on our family of existing products and we can work with you to customize our products to your specifications.

Our lab team is proactive in researching, developing, and producing the highest quality formulations existing in today’s market. Competitor product evaluation and analysis keep us well-informed on market trends and offer the opportunity for our customers to purchase comparative products from Warsaw Chemical.

Our Purchasing Department understands that using the finest ingredients results in highly effective products. We search the entire country for the best raw materials available. Consequently, we produce many of the choicest premium JanSan, Detail, and Car Wash products offered in the United States. Products that YOU can choose to promote as part of your brand.

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What is the expertise of Warsaw Chemical in Labeling?

Over the past few years, Warsaw Chemical has been actively working to upgrade and expand our in-house Graphics Department. With the addition of high-speed color laser printers and printers using the innovative Memjet printing technology, we have transitioned from the mundane one- or two-color printed labels of the past to dazzling full-color printed material.

Our on-site capability to design custom layouts and produce high-quality labeling and literature has created a condition of significantly increased productivity resulting in shorter lead times and greater customer satisfaction.

Warsaw Chemical’s support for you and your products doesn’t end with your decision to establish your own brand with us. Your Warsaw Chemical Regional Sales Representative will work closely with you to equip you, your staff, and your customers with all the knowledge and tools needed to create a complete private label sales package.

And at your request, our sales team will also travel to your location to provide customized training opportunities for your staff and customers.

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Still not sure about the ins and outs of privatized labeling with Warsaw Chemical? Our knowledgeable sales team is available to assist you in determining if the label is right for you and your company. They’ll help you in defining and reach your goals.

Customer Service and support staff are also on hand to make sure your experience with us is satisfying and beneficial for your company. We’ve worked diligently to obtain an outstanding reputation for each of our sales divisions; and we’ll work vigorously to earn, and keep, your respect and your confidence.

Make the most of your investment. You’re simply not going to find a more proficient, higher-quality family of products for your venture than what we provide at Warsaw Chemical.

If you’re interested in our private label branding program, please contact your sales representative or our customer support team to get started.

So…what’s stopping you from putting out your own brand?

Not sure of what to private label first? Why not try one of our most popular products!

Car Wash

Formula 576 The Finisher

Formula 576 is an unbeatable and completely non-corrosive liquid concentrate alkaline presoak used in the second step in the two-step cleaning process. It is biodegradable and also very effective as a single-stage, high pH pre-soak. Features a refreshing citrus fragrance.

Mega Shine Tire Dressing

Mega Shine is a super high solids solvent-based silicone tire dressing that leaves a superior, longer lasting higher gloss shine, designed for online tire shine applicators. It contains up to three times the total solids found in most dressings. One application provides a fast-drying, durable high-gloss shine with excellent anti-sling properties.

Formula 579 Guardian Ceramic Coating
Formula 579 is the ultimate total surface protection, powered by ceramic technology. This revolutionary new formula utilizes a combination of bonding and leveling agents that optimize the interaction between the ceramic, cationic silicone polymers and carnauba. An unbeatable total surface protection is formed by a hydrophobic layer, delivering an invisible, durable coating with superior water repellency that prevents moisture from building up. Vehicles are brighter, softer, and smoother to the touch.


Fastball Ready-to-Use Cleaner / Degreaser / Deodorizer

Fastball is possibly our best-selling product. This industrial strength, heavy duty, all-purpose cleaner degreaser quickly penetrates and removes dirt, grease, oil films, fingerprints, crayon, ink, pencil marks, smoke film, etc. Fortified with butyl and pine oil, this cleaner degreaser can be used for any spray and wipe job, from light duty to heavy, gross soil. Fastball will not etch or streak glass, aluminum, or stainless steel. Excellent for removing black streaks from aluminum and fiberglass on RVs and boats.

H.E. Laundry Detergent Liquid

This fragrance and dye free concentrated liquid detergent is specially formulated for High Efficiency Machines. High performance cleaning agents remove heavy soils and stains. Controlled suds technology provides just the right amount of suds to provide proper washing and rinsing action. Ideal for both delicate and heavy wash cycles.

Cherry Scrub Plus

Heavy duty industrial strength pumice hand cleaner designed to remove tough soils without irritation. Mild, low-odor solvent formula has a pleasing, cherry fragrance that effectively neutralizes residual odors of diesel and other petroleum products from hands. Formulated with emollients that prevent dryness by replacing skin oil, leaving hands soft.

For more details, please visit Warsaw Chemical’s website.

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