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Formula 579 Guardian Ceramic Coating


  • Creates a hydrophobic layer, delivering an invisible, durable coating with superior water repellency, preventing moisture from building up.
  • Seals microscopic pores to protect the vehicle surface from harsh elements, blocking ultraviolet rays and protecting the paint from oxidation.
  • Delivers a lasting weather shield, formulated to protect and keep your vehicle safe from sun, rain, bird droppings, salt, and dirt.
  • Provides a long-lasting shine and continuous protection.
  • Excellent water break, making the beads roll off the vehicle surface rapidly.
  • Fresh citrus scent.
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    Formula 579 Guardian Ceramic Coating

    Introducing Guardian Ceramic Coating for the ultimate total surface protection, powered by ceramic technology. This revolutionary new formula delivers a noticeably brighter vehicle, that is softer and smoother to the touch.


    pH LEVEL:  Neutral
    DILUTION RATE:  120 to 1; 240 to 1
    COLOR:  Clear
    SCENT:  Citrus
    FOAMING:  Yes
    APPLICATIONS:  In-Bay / Conveyor / Self-Serve
    STORAGE STABILITY:   12 Months
    PACKAGE SIZES:  5, 15, 30 or 55 gallons

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