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Fastball Aerosol


  • Ready-to-use convenience. No measuring or mixing required . .. just spray on and wipe away soil.
  • Cleans deep, cuts through and lifts soil. Removes dirt, grease, oily films, fingerprints, crayon, ink, pencil marks, smoke film, etc.
  • Fast acting. Will not etch on glass, aluminum, or stainless.
  • Use on painted surfaces, walls, floors, cabinets, wall fixtures, countertops, vinyl upholstery, fiberglass surfaces.
  • Use on carpet as a spot cleaner.
  • Contains no ammonia or petroleum solvents.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Fastball Aerosol

    Our most popular all purpose cleaner and degreaser packaged as an aerosol. A perfectly balanced cleaner/degreaser for any spray and wipe job from light duty to heavy, gross soil.


    Physical Form: Aerosol
    Color: White
    Scent: Pine
    Density/Specific Gravity: 0.95
    Foam Test 1% solution: 240 mm
    pH As Is: 12.6
    Total Solids: 3.75 ± .5%
    Total Solvent: 11%

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