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PFD Speedway


  • SPEEDWAY will remove grease, smoke, film, ink, crayon, pencil, lipstick, an gum. Cuts through and lifts soils for a deep, thorough clean.
  •  A reliable product for use on auto interiors, such as plastic, rubber, carpet, seats, headliner, and upholstery with no need for additional products for spot removal.
  • Excellent on fiberglass and aluminum surfaces. Leaves vehicle smelling like new.
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    PFD Speedway

    Ready-to-use car interior cleaner degreaser. Superior formula designed specifically to work in all conditions…from light duty to heavy soils.


    Physical Form: Clear liquid
    Color: Light green
    Scent: New Car
    Density/Specific Gravity: 0 .99
    pH as is: 12.3
    Total Solids: 3.75%
    Total Solvent: 11%

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