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PFD Horsepower


  • HORSEPOWER is the ultimate aluminum and stainless steel cleaner for vehicle use. Restores luster and shine.
  • Noncorrosive and nonfuming for safe, yet amazingly effective removal of diesel fuel, oxidation, tar yellowing, road film, rust, and bugs from vehicle surfaces.
  • Under most circumstances, will not etch or discolor glass, bright aluminum, or painted surfaces. Safe to use on most soft metals. However, always test in an inconspicuous area as to its effect on any surface (wheels, tanks, mirrors, etc.) before spraying onto entire surface.
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    PFD Horsepower

    Concentrated aluminum and stainless steel cleaner. Safely restores luster and shine. Non-corrosive and non-fuming, yet highly effective at removing diesel fuel, oxidation, tar, yellowing, road film, rust, bugs and other grime. Makes hydrofluoric acid-based cleaners obsolete.


    Physical Form: Clear liquid
    Color: Pink
    Scent: None
    pH as is: <1.0

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