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Slick Tire Mounting Lubricant

warsaw chemical slick 5g


  • Concentrated. Mixes easily and completely with water. Will not separate.
  • Contains rust inhibitor to prevent rusting of rims.
  •  Tire adheres to rim. Will not slip.
  •  Helps to seal tire bead. Reduces bead damage.
  •  Will not gum up the bead or rim to hinder its future use.
  • Reduces friction. Saves wear and repair on tire changers.
  • Contains no soap or petroleum products.
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Slick Tire Mounting Lubricant

    Water-based lubricant for quick mounting and dismounting of tires. Viscous formula will not just run off without doing the job.


    Physical Form: Clear Viscous Liquid
    Color: Purple
    Scent: None
    Specific Gravity: 1.00
    Density: 8.34 lbs. per gallon
    Foam Test 1% solution: Initial – 62 mm
    PH 2%: 8.39
    Active Alkalinity as Na₂O: 0.834%
    Total Alkalinity as Na₂O: 0.854%
    Solids: 4.06%

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