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Formula 603 X 2 MP Wave Seal Foam P


  • The revolutionary new formula incorporates the very latest advances in polymer chemistry technology that bond to vehicle surfaces to create an impenetrable barrier.
  • Vehicles are left with high shine and long-lasting protection.
  • Contains bright purple foam and a fresh Citrus Scent for high customer appeal.
  • Reduces adhesion of dust, pollen, bird droppings, and brake dust on vehicle surfaces
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    Formula 603 X 2 MP Wave Seal Foam P

    Revolutionary new formula incorporating the very latest advances in polymer chemistry technology. Wave Seal Foam Protectant contains surface reactive silicones which bond to the vehicle surface for outstanding shine and protection. Bright purple foam and citrus scent. Two Times Normal Concentration.


    Physical Form: Clear Liquid
    Color: Purple
    Scent: Citrus
    Specific Gravity: 1.08
    Density: 9.0 lbs./gal.
    pH 2%: 8.0 – 10. 0
    Biodegradable: Yes
    Freezability: Keep from freezing

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