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Formula 530 TCF

formula 530 tcf tri-color blue


  • Micro Drum® concentrate virtually eliminates warehousing, freight, labor, and inventory problems. You ship less, move less, store less, and dispose of less but CLEAN MORE!
  • Increases customer interest in clear coat-protection service by displaying a fantastic triple-colored foam show.
  • Designed to maintain and preserve clear coat finishes as well as all modern acrylic and enamel finishes.
  • Helps to protect vehicle finish from harmful sun rays, acid rain, and winter salts.
  • Rinses easily and quickly.
  • Compatible with all triple-color foam arches.
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    Formula 530 TCF

    A unique pH balance foam conditioner designed for use in all triple color foam systems. Available in pink, blue, and yellow with a black cherry scent. Formula 530 TCF contains the highest quality surface reactive polymeric silicones available which clean, shine, and help to protect vehicle surface from UV rays, acid rain, and winter salts. Packaged in a near waterless hyper concentrate. A mere 5 gallons yields a whopping 25 gallons of concentrated solution!


    Physical Form: Liquid
    Color: Pink * Blue * Yellow
    Scent: Black Cherry
    Density: 8.64 lbs. per gallon
    Foam Test 1% Soln: Initial- 185 mm
    pH Solution (as is): 8.5
    Silicone Copolymer: Present

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