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Formula 530 PB Presoak With Booster


  • Micro Drum® concentrate virtually eliminates warehousing, freight, labor, and inventory problems. You ship less, move less, store less, and dispose of less but CLEAN MORE!
  • Virtually water free - contains nearly 100% active ingredients.
  • Softens the bond formed by grease, grime sludge, dirt.
  • Prepares vehicle surface for better cleaning.
  • Controlled suds, rinses freely, completely. Will not cause spotting or streaking.
  • Pleasantly scented. Biodegradable.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Formula 530 PB Presoak With Booster

    Pleasantly scented liquid presoak. Contains a unique blend of agents which cut through road soils, oils, bugs, and grime. Prepares vehicle surface for better cleaning. Contains a booster for added cleaning power. Packaged in a new waterless ultra concentrate. A mere 5 gallons of ultra concentrate yields a whopping 30 gallons of concentrated liquid presoak.


    Physical Form: Clear Liquid
    Color: Purple
    Scent: Safrole
    Density: 8.41 lbs. per gallon
    Specific Gravity: 1.059
    Biodegradable: Yes
    Foam Test 1% Soln: Initial – 165 mm
    pH 2%: 9.5

    Other Info

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