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Formula 525 Total Wash


  • Performs well in hot or cold, hard or soft water.
  • Penetrates and loosens the most difficult to remove road film, oils, heavy soils without harming the vehicle surface.
  • Rinses freely, completely, leaves no film residue. Will not dull or streak vehicle finish
  • Effective in all types of climates
  • Single phase cleaner saves time and material.
  • Effective in all types of wash systems.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Formula 525 Total Wash

    The Total wash solution for frictionless vehicle washing. This highly versatile alkaline liquid can be used as low pressure presoak high or low pressure detergent, prep gun detergent.


    Physical Form: Liquid
    Color: Yellow
    Scent: Mild
    Density: 8.9 lbs. Per gallon
    Specific Gravity: 1.07 per gallon
    Foam Test 1% soln: 145 mm
    pH 2%Solution: 12.5 ± 5
    Active alkalinity: 2.45
    Total Alkalinity: 3.25
    Total Solids: 15%

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