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Formula 582 Ultra Cloth


  • A unique ULTRA concentrate designed to remove the toughest soils.
  • Helps brighten glass, chrome, and vehicle finish.
  • Removes excess alkalinity and dehydrates water allowing vehicles to dry faster.
  • Exceptional high foaming, low-pH shampoo without the dangerous ingredients found in most low-pH products.
  • Thick, rich lather for added lubricity.
  • Rinse easily, quickly.
  • Low cost per car.
  • Designed for friction tunnel and in-bay automatics.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Formula 582 Ultra Cloth (Low pH Friction Shampoo)

    Exceptional high foaming, low pH liquid shampoo without the hazardous ingredients found in most low pH products. Ultra concentrated, helps brighten glass, chrome, and vehicle finish.


    Physical Form:  Clear Liquid
    Color:  Blue
    Scent:  Slight vinegar
    Specific Gravity:  1.04
    Density:  8.7 lbs. per gallon
    pH 2%: 3.4
    pH Solution (as is): 2.3
    Total Solids: 20%

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