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Stoked One Step Truck Wash


  • Extremely versatile. Can be used as both a high-pressure detergent or a low-pressure pre-soak in a wide variety of wash systems.
  • Cleans thoroughly without the need for manual brushing, reducing labor costs.
  • Rinses completely, leaving a film-free surface.
  • Uses less water, saving on energy costs.
  • High foaming.
  • Highly concentrated.
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    Stoked One Step Truck Wash

    Formulated with a blend of surfactants, builders, water softening agents, and rinse agents. STOKED will remove road film, exhaust deposits, bug residue, grease, road salts, and other hard-to-remove soils from all vehicle surfaces without manual brushing. Product rinses freely and completely, reducing water use and labor costs, while protecting the vehicle finish from alkaline residue.


    Physical Form: Liquid
    Color: Water White
    Scent: Odorless
    Specific Gravity: 1.04
    Density: 8.65 lbs. per gallon
    pH: 13 ± .5
    Solids: 11%

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