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Oxygen Bleach


  • Colors stay brighter, look livelier.
  • Strong enough to remove heavy stains while providing noticeable whitening power. Mild enough to be used with each load of clothes without fear of tendering the fabric.
  • Safe to use on synthetic blends, cottons, wool, and linen fabrics. Ideal for wash 'n wear and permanent press.
  • Quick dissolving powder will not cause bleach burns - can be used in same wash cycle as detergent.
  • Oxygen Bleach will remove stains resulting from: alcohol, candy, coffee, fruit juice, ice cream, meat juices, perspiration, blood, chocolate, cream, grass stains, ink, milk, and tea.
  • Harmless to septic tanks and plumbing.
  • Use with either soap or detergent in top loader and front loader automatic washes.
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    Oxygen Bleach (Quick Dissolving Powder)

    Concentrated oxygen bleach that is safe to use on all colorfast fabrics – natural and synthetic. Non- chlorinated, completely soluble and convenient to use. Excellent stain removing power, yet mild on fabrics.


    Physical Form: Powder
    Color: White
    Scent: None
    Bulk Density: 60.03. per cubic ft.
    Specific Gravity: 0 .962
    pH 2% Solution: 11.01
    pH Solution (As Is): 8.9
    Active Alkalinity: 19.9%
    Total Alkalinity: 37.17%

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