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OSO Clean Floor Cleaner & Ice Melt Neutralizer

OSO Floor Cleaner


  • Free rinsing formula.
  • Economical - Super concentrated formula.
  • Effective under hard water conditions.
  • Leaves fresh, long-lasting lavender scent.
  • Uses biodegradable surfactants.
  • Excellent for floor finish maintenance.
  • Removes dulling, white chalky residue left by ice melt products.
  • Helps dissipate static electricity.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    OSO Clean Floor Cleaner & Ice Melt Neutralizer

    Commercial grade, all purpose cleaner and deodorizer with a fresh, long-lasting lavender fragrance. Clean and deodorize in a single labor-saving step. Use on floors, walls, carpet, countertops and many other washable surfaces. OSO CLEAN will produce a bright, shiny, streak-free surface. Great for use in automatic scrubbers, mop and bucket, or spray and wipe applications.


    Color: Purple
    Scent: Lavender
    Detergency: Excellent
    Foaming: Moderate
    pH: 9.65
    Viscosity: Semi Viscous
    Solubility: Complete in Water

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