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Institutional AD2000

warsaw chemical inst ad2000 5g


  • Non flammable. No phosphates.
  • Easy to use. Apply by spraying, wiping, brushing, or dipping. Can be used with automatic scrubbing machines, pressure or steam washer.
  • Versatile  - Use on concrete, terrazzo, wood, marble, linoleum, vinyl, asphalt, rubber floors, etc. For heavy duty degreasing and cleaning of air filters, ovens, oily equipment, and wash basins. For removing built-up soap film and scum from shower areas and swimming pools. Use in general cleaning and degreasing of conveyors, airplanes, engines machinery, metal, brick, etc.
  • High Foaming
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Institutional AD2000 (Heavy Duty Degreaser Concentrate)

    Fast acting all purpose liquid degreaser. Contains a balanced blend of detergents, alkaline builders, and water soluble solvents. Quickly penetrates dirt, grease, grime. Holds them in suspension for easy removal.


    Physical Form: Clear Liquid
    Color: Purple
    Scent: Butyl
    Specific Gravity: 1.03
    Density: 8.60 lbs. per gallon
    Foam Test 1% Solution: Initial – 115 mm 5 minutes – 70 mm
    pH 2% Solution: 11.58
    Active Alkalinity: 1.51%
    Total Alkalinity: 13.78%
    Total Solids: 8.37%

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