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Guardian Stellar


  • Stellar shine, feel, and surface protection in one step.
  • Delivers a super hydrophobic, mirror-like finish, which repels dust, dirt and road soils.
  • Significantly improves the drying process.
  • Produces an excellent purple foam show.
  • Delivers noticeably better results which customers will love.
  • Achieves stellar results in virtually all types of tunnel and automatic car wash applications and equipment.
  • For even better results, use in conjunction with Guardian Ceramic Coating.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Guardian Stellar (A premium protectant without the premium price)

    Guardian Stellar is a testament to the decades of formulating experience and innovation that our team of chemists at Warsaw Chemical exemplifies. Utilizing proprietary blends of super hydrophobic polymers, ceramics and carnauba waxes, Guardian Stellar has been meticulously crafted to provide stellar protection, shine and durability. All, without the high price typically found in other premium protectants.


    pH LEVEL: Neutral
    DILUTION RATE: Up to 500:1 (240:1 for best results)
    COLOR: Purple
    SCENT: No Scent
    FOAMING: Yes
    APPLICATIONS: In-Bay / Conveyor / Self-Serve
    WARRANTY: 12 Months
    PACKAGE SIZES: 5g / 15g / 30g / 55g

    Other Info

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