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Formula 590 Dry X-40


  • Breaks water on contact.
  • Great drying efficiency.
  • Reduces adhesion of dust and bugs to the vehicle surface.
  • Concentrates. Economical to use.
  • Does not smear on glass or paint.
  • Dream sickle scent
  • Technical Data Sheet
  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Formula 590 Dry X-40

    DRY X-40 is a highly active premium drying agent that creates immediate water beading accelerating drying efficiency. DRY X-40 is highly concentrated and specially formulated for use with cold or hot water rinse arches.


    Physical Form: Clear Liquid
    Color: Blue/Green
    Scent: Dream Sickle
    Specific Gravity: 0.98
    Density: 8.17 lbs./gal.
    Biodegradable: Yes
    Freezability: Keep from freezing.

    Other Info

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