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Formula 560 Green Wheel & Tire Cleaner


  • Safe for use in all wheels -  including chrome, aluminum, and magnesium.
  • Makes whitewalls white again.
  • Instantly removes brake dust.
  • Virtually eliminates the need for scrubbing. Simply spray on and rinse off.
  • Environmentally friendly. Contains no harsh acids or petroleum distillates.
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    Formula 560 Green Wheel & Tire Cleaner

    A concentrated, non-acid wheel and tire cleaner which safely cleans all types of wheels (including chrome, aluminum and magnesium and Magnesium) and whitewall tires. Removes brake dust instantly and makes whitewalls white again.  Bright green foam. Just spray it on (wet or dry) and rinse — no scrubbing required. You’ll get confidence to clean chrome, aluminum and magnesium without damage. And like all our Green Line Solutions™ products, it’s right for the environment. No hydrofluoric acid or other caustic agents. Formula 560 WTC cuts dirt, road film, brake dust and grease fast. Put it to work in your operation.


    Physical Form: Liquid
    Color: Green
    Scent: Pine
    Density: 9.17 lbs. per gallon
    Foam Test: Initial- 130 mm
    pH 2% Solution: 12.5

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