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Deluxe Hand Dishwash Clear Blue

warsaw chemical deluxe 5g


  • Excellent grease dissolving power. Cuts through food residue, oils, and fats.
  • Maximum suds - good suds stability.
  • Contains no harmful alkalies or abrasives. Will not leave dulling soap residue because it contains no soap.
  • Tough enough to clean the dirtiest dishes, yet mild on the hands. Contains the skin conditioner Glycerin (a humectant that helps skin retain its natural moisture.)
  • For institutional use: designed to be easily dispensed through liquid proportioners for greater economy and less mess. Nothing is wasted.
  • Pleasantly perfumed.
  • Economical.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Deluxe Hand Dishwash Clear Blue

    Highly concentrated liquid detergent for hand washing of dishes, glasses, silver, pots, and pans. Provides long-lasting suds. Contains the skin conditioner Glycerin.


    Physical Form: Viscous Liquid
    Color: Opaque Blue
    Scent: Floral
    Specific Gravity: 0.099
    Density: 8.3 lbs. per gallon
    Foam Test (1% solution): Initial-210 mm, 5 minutes-175 mm
    pH Solution As Is: 7.5- 8.0
    Active Alkalinity: 0.005%
    Total Alkalinity: 0.63%
    Viscosity: 500-700 cps, Spindle #2 at 20 rpm
    Total Solids: 14.4%

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