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  • Emulsifies, dissolves even caked-on grease and carbon, eliminating the cause of rancid odors.
  • Cleans completely, quickly.
  • No holdover odors - producing cleaner, better tasting, sweeter fried foods. One food taste does not interfere with another. There is no worry about fish tasting like fried chicken or french fries like doughnuts.
  • Harmless to stainless steel.
  • Contains no phosphates.
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    D-Fat (Deep Fat Fryer & Grill Cleaner)

    Powder deep fat fryer and grill cleaner dissolves caked rancid grease and carbon. Helps produce cleaner, better tasting, sweeter fried foods.


    Physical Form: Damp Powder
    Color: White
    Scent: None
    Specific Gravity: 0.900
    Density: 56.16 lbs. per cubic ft.
    pH 2%: 12.30
    Active Alkalinity: 26.05%
    Total Alkalinity: 32.91%

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