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warsaw chemical coopers


  • Leaves no dirt-catching film, no streaks, no smears.
  • Wets the entire surface, penetrates soil quickly.
  • Dissolves the oily film that holds the dirt.
  • Economical -  Dilutes on windows, mirrors, plate glass, glass furniture tips, light fixtures, counters, exhaust hoods, display cases, walls, and similar surfaces.
  • A balanced blend of cleaning agents quickly penetrates, removes dirt, soot, fingerprints, perspiration, food soil, and steam vapors.
  • Contains no oils, or petroleum solvents.
  • Excellent for cleaning windshields and wipers.
  • Removes bugs easily from glass area, trim, or painted surfaces.
  • In any weather, completely dissolves rubber wiper streaks.
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    Dilutable, super concentrated. One gallon makes nine gallons of ready-to-use glass cleaner. Cleans thoroughly, dries quickly.


    Physical Form: Clear Liquid
    Color: Blue
    Scent: Ammonia
    Specific Gravity: 0.94
    Density: 7.84 lbs. per gallon
    Foam Test 1% solution: Initial- 30 mm, 5 minutes- 5 mm
    pH 2% solution: 9.85
    Active Alkalinity as Na2O: 0.698%
    Total Alkalinity as Na2O: 0.874%
    Total Solids: less than 0.5%

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