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Citrus Select


  • Removes all types of stubborn industrial soils: grease, oil, inks, adhesives, carbon, tar and asphalt.
  • Utilizes renewable natural resources, helping to conserve non-renewable resources such as petroleum.
  • Enriched with skin softening ingredients and aloe to prevent hands from drying out, keeping the hands soft.
  • Utilizes biodegradable soy oils, d-Limonene, detergents, and walnut scrubbers.
  • Natural walnut scrubber rinses freely and will not clog drains.
  • Does not contain dye or perfume.
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    Citrus Select

    Formulated with soy ingredients, d-limonene and walnut shell scrubbers to quickly cut through the heaviest greases and oils, while not drying the skin. Also includes skin conditioning ingredients to keep hands from drying and cracking. Fresh citrus scent.


    Physical Form: Viscous Liquid
    Color: Light Beige
    Scent: Citrus
    Specific Gravity: 0.97
    pH: Balanced
    Emollients/Conditioners: Soy, Aloe Vera
    Shelf Life: 1 Year
    VOC Compliant: Yes

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