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Challenger HD Traffic Lane Cleaner

warsaw chemical challenger 5g


  • Extremely powerful pre-spray will tackle the toughest soils.
  • Special formulation emulsifies and suspends soil for easy removal.
  • Part of IMAGE - CARPET CARE SYSTEM. Designed to be used with EXTRACT Carpet Cleaner to completely remove soil.
  • The most effective traffic lane pre-spray you can buy.
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  • Safety Data Sheet
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    Challenger HD Traffic Lane Cleaner

    This high-pH, heavy-duty pre-spray will tackle the heaviest greases and toughest soils. It suspends dirt immediately upon contact. The perfect choice for filthy commercial carpets or residential carpet where getting the carpet clean is more important than protecting stain resistance.


    Physical Form:  Clear Liquid
    Color:  Yellow
    Scent:  Lemon
    Specific Gravity:  1.07
    pH Solution:  12.0
    Activity Alkalinity:  2.02
    Total Solids:  7.5%
    Total Solvent:  10.5%

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