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  • Improves slip resistance by removing embedded grease and grime.
  • Rinse free, will not leave buildup or residue.
  • Deodorizes while it cleans. Pleasant citrus fragrance.
  • Contains no NPEs, no phosphates, no acids, and no caustics.
  • Controls unwanted pests (such as fruit flies) by digesting organic waste on floors and in drains that attract insects.
  • Pleasant citrus fragrance.
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    Bio-Force (Enzyme Degreaser/Deodorizer)

    BIO-FORCE is an enzyme-fortified degreaser/deodorizer designed to clean hard porous surfaces such as concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, brick or any grouted floor surface. Deep penetrating detergents emulsify and suspend soil while four types of specially bred enzymes organically digest protein soils such as grease, fat, grime, urine deposits, soap scum, and body oils.


    Physical Form: Clear Liquid
    Color: Blue
    Scent: Citrus
    Specific Gravity: 0.99
    Density: 8.26 lbs. per gallon
    pH Solution As Is: 10.5
    Total Solids: 5.0%

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