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Warsaw Chemical’s new non-acid Formula 560 WTC wheel and tire cleaner concentrate is safe for use on all wheels, including chrome, aluminum and magnesium. The environmentally friendly formula contains no harsh acids or petroleum distillates and is an effective cleaner. The concentrated cleaner makes whitewalls white again and instantly removes brake dust.

Formula 560 can be used on dry or wet tires and virtually eliminates the need for scrubbing. To use, simply spray on and rinse off. The wheel and tire cleaner is liquid and red in color. It comes packaged in 55 gallon, 30 gallon and 15 gallon plastic drums and a 5 gallon plastic pail.

For more information on the Formula 560 WTC Wheel and Tire Cleaner or the full line of Car Wash products, contact Warsaw Chemical, P.O. Box 858, Warsaw, IN 46581. Phone: 800-548-3396. Fax: 574-267-3884. Website:

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